How To View Temporary Interet Files In Firefox

In Internet Explorer we can see the content of Temporary internet file by opening the local setting inside the users account.
But How it is possible if we want to see the cookies ,temporary internet files ,history of websites that we accessed through the Mozilla Firefox.
I like Mozilla Firefox very much it have an excellent download manger which is faster than all other web browser's download manager.
So please reply what is the procedure to see the Temporary files in Fire fox?
well, all of these features are located in the same general area.

To view the history, it is rather simple, you go to History (Next to View, and bookmarks) and there is a short list of your history, and if you want a longer one you can click Show All History.

To view all of the cookies that you have gone through, you go to Tools (Next to bookmarks and Help), and go down to options.
Once at options, you look for the privacy tab up at the top (Next to Applications and Security).
Once you're there, the second box down shows cookie information, and a button to 'Show Cookies', clicking that will pop up a list.

As for viewing temporary internet files, i am not 100 % sure if you can do that within Firefox itself or at all.
Just googled it, and it appears that if you go to Start->Run and type in/copy and paste
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\4krz7144.default\Cache
If that doesn't work for you, you can view the actually directory location by opening a new Firefox window/tab and typing in about:cache and looking for the path file.

Just on a side note, you can also view your saved passwords by going to Tools->Options->Security
Once in that tab, Look for the button, 'Saved Passwords'. (trap17.Com/AS)

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